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Explains of Nakamura, the world authority in information security about CryptoCash Platform

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Nakamura’ CryptoCash system architect and service process

Mr. Takatoshi Nakamura, the world authority in information security, explains about the importance of the most important technology is "encryption technology".

There are three most important advanced technologies in the information and communication field.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Quantum computer

Encryption technology

Among them, IoT, cloud computing, 5G, and finance technology will not be possible without encryption technology.

The future of Japan will change drastically depending on whether it is possible to control such important encryption technology.

The world is moving to convert fiat currency into digital currency worldwide.

On the other hand, cashless payments, internet banking, and credit cards are also hacked and cannot prevent it.

Only complete cipher can end these vulnerabilities and create a secure digital currency.

Four threats of information security

Information theft

Information falsification


Cyber attack

The encryption technology currently generally used for security is the "public key method". Since this public key method is not perfect, hackers can easily get in the way and cannot stop fraud.

Network Hacking Stolen Public/Private Key Pair Problem

"Complete cipher" was developed by Mr.Takatoshi Nakamura to stop this misconduct.

Solution: Remote Synchronization without key on network

Even quantum computers have proved that the new "Quantum cryptography" ,cannot solve the problem of cryptographic key distribution, and quantum cryptography cannot achieve complete cryptography.

Block-chain’s Hash Algorithm Problem 1: Hash Collision

Block-chain’s Hash Algorithm Problem 2: Hash Dictionary Attack with Quantum Computer

Dr. Claude Shannon's road to perfect encryption, the world's first solution to the final problem, the encryption key delivery problem, is the complete cipher developed by Takatoshi Nakamura.

Solution of current block-chain’s problems: Complete Cipher with End-to-End Protection

He named the encryption technology for the new encryption key "Remote Synchronization".

Animation links that can help you understand.

Issue with Network hacking: https://crypto-cash.app/images/h01.mp4

Remote Synchronization (solution for hacking): https://crypto-cash.app/images/h02.mp4

Problem with Hash algorithm: https://crypto-cash.app/images/h03.mp4

Complete cipher (solution): https://crypto-cash.app/images/h04.mp4

System structure and Service flow: https://crypto-cash.app/images/sys.mp4

How to use CryptoCash (credit system): https://crypto-cash.app/images/credit.mp4

Enterprise solution: https://crypto-cash.app/images/entsol640.mp4

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